The night Jimi Hendrix met Eric Clapton


Eric Clapton and the rest of Cream were considered gods in London during the 60s. Cream and Clapton were making their way through London and were making huge noise throughout the World. No one dared to even mess with the gods and no one thought anyone could be better than them. The people had not met Jimi Hendrix yet.


Clapton Is God spray painted on a wall in Islington

After being discovered by Keith Richard’s then girlfriend Linda Keith at a New York club, Jimi Hendrix was making noise throughout London. Jimi Hendrix had attracted the attention of everyone in England and made a splash with big names in just one week. The likes of Mick Jagger, Paul McCartney, and Pete Townshend had come out of their way to come see if the rumors of this guitar god are true. Despite all the buzz, no one could believe someone was better than Clapton. This all changed one night in 1967.

Jimi Hendrix was at a Cream gig in London and put in a request to jam with the band. The band and many people in the crowd were shocked by this at first but, Cream gave Jimi the nod. Hendrix came up on stage and plugged his guitar in. Hendrix broke into a version of “Killing Floor” by Chicago blues man Howlin’ Wolf. Eric Clapton loved to play the song but had a hard time playing the song. Hendrix, however went through this song on a breeze. Hendrix played this song like no other and even played the song between his legs, behind his head, and with his teeth. Clapton just stood there shell shocked and dropped his guitar then left the stage.

Clapton who was obviously frustrated was smoking a cigarette backstage to try and calm down. Chas Chandler, bassist of the Animals, was backstage and saw Clapton. Chandler recalls Clapton looking disdained and recalls what he told him. Clapton put his cigarette down for a second and told Chandler,”You never told me he was that fucking good.”

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