Janis Joplin Arrest


One of the most iconic and rebellious women in all of rock, Janis Joplin, had one of her most memorable moments in Tampa, Florida on November 15, 1969.

In the midst of a concert with a rather ruckus crowd, police ordered Janis Joplin to tell the crowd to calm and sit down. This did not make Janis very happy. She then proceeded to screaming and cursing at officers. Janis would then finish the show but would not be done with the police.

Jim Morrison had an incident with the police in Florida, but he was arrested on stage. Joplin instead was handcuffed backstage after the incident for vulgar language. Janis would later get released after a $504 bond after one hour behind bars. Janis would remain in the area waiting for the preliminary hearings, during this time she spent a lot of time fishing.

All charges were eventually dropped for Joplin. She proclaimed that this case represented a sign of victory, not peace. A photograph was taken of Joplin and her lawyer, Herbert Goldburg, after they left the court room. The photograph represents Joplin well as it shows her throwing up a peace sign while Goldburg looks rather displeased.

Led Zeppelin first concert in North England


Led Zeppelin continued their first sets of concerts as a band with a performance at the Manchester College of Science & Technology on November 16, 1968.

The concert would be the band’s first performance in North England and Machester. Manchester would be a very frequent stop for the band. This would be the band’s fifth of six concerts at a college during their short 1968 UK Tour. The concert would also be their only performance in Manchester during the tour.

The set list from the night, as with all the other concerts from the tour was rather unclear. As the band had just formed with former Yardbird, Jimmy Page, the band played many Yardbird hits. These included “Train Kept A-Rollin,””Dazed and Confused,”” and “White Summer.” Zeppelin also played many songs that appeared on their debut album such as “Communication Breakdown,””You Shook Me,””Babe, I’m Gonna Leave You,” and “How Many More Times.”

Listen to the band perform in Machester in 1971 below:

Best selling Classic Rock Albums 11/8-11/14


Tom Petty’s effect on the World is still showing in this week’s highest selling classic rock albums. Queen and The Grateful Dead albums stayed in place, while a new Bob Dylan release and Led Zeppelin’s appearance in Thor: Ragnorak helped them make their ways on to the chart.

5. Queen- Greatest Hits I II & III: The Plantinum Collection

Queen’s greatest hit box set comes in at number five on this list. The box set contains 51 songs from throughout their career. All three sets of songs from Queen’s Greatest Hits album is put into one along with a booklet detailing the catalog of songs. The album went up four spots on the Billboard Rock Charts from last week, but moved down two spots from last weeks Classic Rock Charts. The band is currently on tour with Adam Lambert as lead vocals which explains the band’s recent chart success.

4. Grateful Dead-Dave’s Picks, Volume 24: Berkeley Community Theatre, Berkeley, CA, 8/25/72

The Grateful Dead’s latest live release comes in at number five on the list. The album contains a live recording of a concert at Berkeley Community Theatre in Berkeley, California on August 25th in 1972. This is the 24th volume by David Lemieux with only 16,500 copies being sold. The album moved up two spots on the Billboard Rock Charts after it’s first week on the charts, but moved down two spots on the Classic Rock Charts. The band recently released a 6 CD live album last Friday and could make it’s way into the charts soon.

3. Led Zeppelin- Mothership

Led Zeppelin’s greatest hit compilation comes in at number three on the list. The album, released in 2007, contains 24 of the band’s biggest hits selected by John Paul Jones. Jimmy Page, and Robert Plant. The album moved up 21 spots on the Billboard Rock Charts which was the biggest of the whole week. The album’s chart success this week can be credited to the appearance of “Immigrant Song” in the movie Thor: Ragnorak. The movie dominated the box office this weekend and the use of the song which fit perfectly helped the band a lot.

2. Bob Dylan- Trouble No More: The Bootleg Series, Vol. 13/ 1979-1981

Bob Dylan’s new series of the Bootleg Series comes in at number two on the list. The box set focuses on live performances from 1979-1981 from the albums of “Slow Train Coming,””Saved,” and “Shot Of Love.” The deluxe edition features 100 unreleased live tracks, DVD of behind the scenes footage, a 120 page photo book, and extensive linear notes. The album debuted at number four on the Rock Billboard Charts after being released on November 3rd.

1. Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers- Greatest Hits

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers 1993 Greatest Hits album comes in at number one. The album features 18 of Petty’s greatest hits. The album was Petty’s most successful album and still holds up to this day. The album has remained near the top of the charts many weeks after Tom Petty’s tragic and sudden death. The album moved up three spots on the Billboard Rock Charts and remains at number one from last week on the Classic Rock Charts.


The Rolling Stones made their US TV debut on “Hullabaloo” 52 years ago today


The Rolling Stones performed their debut appearance on “Hullabaloo” on November 15, 1965.

The Stones performed the No. 1 song in the country at the time “Get Off Of My Cloud” on the show. This performance came 13 months after their first appearance on “The Ed Sullivan Show.” The band’s first appearance on US TV was on “Hollywood Palace” in June of 1964. The performance was pre-recorded and later shown on TV.

“Hullabaloo ” was a primetime show that showcased the popular music trends of the time. The show featured bands from the British Invasion, Folk-Rock, and Motown. The show also had a segment form the UK which had the Beatles manager, Brian Epstein, present new bands in England. The show was shown on NBC and featured performances from The Kinks, The Byrds, Nancy Sinatra, and The Beatles.

Watch the performance from The Stones below:

Jimi Hendrix and Pink Floyd Tour


Two of the biggest acts in rock set out on a tour of England on November 14, 1967.

Those two acts happened to be headliner, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, with the opening act being a little band called Pink Floyd. Pink Floyd was just beginning as a band and was in the Syd Barrett era. The tour began at the Royal Albert Hall in London and continued with venues across England for two weeks and ended in Ireland.

Pink Floyd had opened for Hendrix before earlier that year in Spring. The concert featured Cream and The Jimi Hendrix Experience as the headliners. Which meant that you could see Pink Floyd, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, and Cream all in one day.

Poster from this incredible day

During this time Pink Floyd would play many of their early hits like “Interstellar Overdrive” and “Interstellar Overdrive.” In this Syd Barrett lead era, he did not show up for many of the shows which led to David O’List from the band Nice to have to take over for Syd.

Jimi Hendrix did not initially think much of Pink Floyd as he said “They have beautiful lights, but sound like nothing.” Hendrix also indirectly said about the band,”Here’s one thing I hate man, when these cats say Look at the band they’re playing psychedelic music and all they’re really doing is flashing lights on them and playing “Johnny B. Goode” with the wrong chords, it’s terrible.”

Hendrix also added in another interview in 1967 that Pink Floyd “Sounded Like Nothing.”

Pink Floyd would continue to open for Hendrix at various festivals. As time went on Hendrix would later change his mind about Floyd and had a more favorable view of the band and psychedelic rock.

The term blowing someone’s mind is valid. People like you to blow their minds, but then we are going to give them something that will blow their mind, and while it’s blown there will be something there to fill the gap. It’s going to be a complete form of music. It will be really druggy music. Yes, I agree it could be something on similar lines to what Pink Floyd are tackling. They don’t know it, you know, but people like Pink Floyd are the mad scientists of this day and age.

-Jimi Hendrix, Melody Maker, 1970

Pink Floyd would open for many bands including Hendrix during this time like The Who and The Animals. Jimi Hendrix was never able to see Pink Floyd become something huge. Many would agree that Hendrix would most likely continue to favor Pink Floyd and could even draw inspiration from them.

Listen to Hendrix talk about Pink Floyd below:

The Beatles were interviewed on an ITV Show then performed at ABC Cinemas, 54 years ago today


The Beatles continued their Autumn Tour with a 10th date in Plymouth and an interview on the ITV Show “Move Over, Dad” on November 13, 1963.

Interviews on TV and performances in front of loud screaming girls was just another average day for The Beatles during this tour. The day began with the interview on “Move Over, Dad.” With the immense popularity of the band, they had to be smuggled into Derry’s Cross through a tunnel for the interview to avoid being mobbed by fans. Stuart Hutchinson from Westward Television Studios conducted the interview from Plymouth. The interview would later be broadcast on November 16.

Later in the day, the band made their way over to ABC Cinemas to perform a concert. The Beatles supporting acts for the night included comedian Frank Berry, Peter Jay and the Jaywalkers, The Kestrels, and the Vernon Girls.

The band played their normal ten song set. The set included songs from “Twist and Shout,” to “All My Loving,” to “I Saw Her Standing There.” The band continued to perform shows in England and at ABC Cinemas for another month. The band would later perform in Plymouth, England in October of 1964.

Watch the band perform at ABC Cinemas in Manchester in 1963 below:


Brian May’s use of a British coin as a guitar pick


Brian May is one of the most renowned guitarist of all time, because of his work with Queen. What many don’t know is that he used the old sixpence  British coin instead of a guitar pick to get his signature sound. May said the coin is much more comfortable to use and the plastic picks are too flexible.

Brian May would use the six pence coin to his advantage and experiment with the coin. May would use the edge of the coin and press it against the strings to establish a certain sound. Brian May is a very smart and creative guy as he has a PhD in Astrophysics from Imperial College London.

Many people find the use of the coin as a guitar pick uncomfortable, but fellow rock legend, Billy Gibbons uses a Mexican Peso when he plays. Musicians will find many ways to experiment in the studio and without these experiments, they may have never found the sound they were looking for. Coins can also be used as an alternate guitar pick when you forget yours, but you can be the judge of how well you like that.


Read more here

Watch a Brian May solo from 2009 below:

Jimi Hendrix’s Electric Ladyland was banned by a book store, 49 years ago today


Jimi Hendrix’s 1968 album “Electric Ladyland” is one of Jimi Hendrix’s and rock’s greatest albums. The album became a number one album and featured one of Hendrix’s biggest singles with a cover of Bob Dylan’s “All along the watchtower.” Though the album was highly praised, the original album cover drew lots of controversy.

The first instance of the album being pulled was at the book store W.H. Smiths in London on November 12, 1968. The reason behind this was what was depicted on the  album cover. The album featured 19 naked woman lounging together.

Track Records then used their art department to create the  cover. Photographer, David Montgomery, shot a portrait of 19 naked woman in front of a black background. The idea was to draw attention towards the album with the cover.

The cover was met with controversy as many stores began pulling it from their stores as it was seen as pornography. The models on the cover also hated the way they were shown on the cover. Hendrix was very embarrassed by the cover and showed his displeasure with the cover. This was not the first time Hendrix was upset with a cover as he also showed his displeasure with the “Axis: Bold As Love” cover.

Hendrix’s original idea for the new album cover was ignored by photographers. Hendrix asked Linda Eastman, Paul McCartney’s future wife, to photograph the 19 woman on a sculpture from Alice In Wonderland  in Central Park. The album cover instead featured a blurred yellow and red photo of Hendrix.

Hendrix’s original sketch for the cover

Elvis Presley performed his last concert before joining the military, 60 years ago today


Elvis Presley performed his last concert of the 50’s in Hawaii on November 11, 1957.

The reason the last concert of the decade was in 1957, was due to Elvis Presley’s military deployment. Presley’s time in the Army lasted from 1958 to 1960. Elvis ranked as a sergeant and was able to receive the Army Good Conduct Medal.

The concert took place at Schofield Barracks in Hawaii. Elvis performed many songs on the piano as well as on the guitar. These include “Don’t Be Cruel,””That’s when your heartaches begins,” along with many other hits. Elvis performed in front of thousands of screaming girls as usual. Tickets only cost $1. Elvis would deploy four months later.

Watch footage of Elvis performing in Hawaii the night before:

Rockstars Who Served In The Military


While many rock stars use their voice to criticize the terrors of the war, there were still those who chose to lay down their lives for their country. While artists like Johnny Cash to Elvis Presley were the ones who took the honor of serving their country with great pride. Artists such as Jimi Hendrix and John Fogerty were ones who protested their time in war and any future war through their music. Here are a few examples who sacrificed themselves even in the midst of a promising career for the people of their country.

Elvis Presley

Perhaps the most famous incident of a rock star joining the military is Elvis Presley’s 1958 enrollment in the Army. Elvis was enlisted in the Army when he became an international icon. When you are one of the biggest names in the World, it would be hard to give up all of this. Elvis however, was more scared of Rock N’ Roll becoming a fad because of this, then he was of losing his life. Elvis actually ended up gaining more fans especially from the older generation as a result, and Rock N’ Roll was able to remain in the forefront. Elvis was able to rank as a sergeant and took home an Army Good Conduct Medal.

Jimi Hendrix

One of the greatest guitarists of all time, was a soldier before he became a rock icon. In 1961 Hendrix got in trouble with the law for stolen cars. Hendrix then faced a chose between two years in prison or enlisting in the Army. Hendrix chose to join the Army and was assigned to the 101st Airborne Division in Fort Campbell, Kentucky. Hendrix was not an ideal soldier and did not listen to his instructors very well. Hendrix also continued to play guitar during his off time on duty. Hendrix was supposed to serve for three years, but was discharged after a year for his conduct. Hendrix would of course go on to be a Rock sensation while protesting all aspects of war and society.

Jason Everman

Though he may not be the most famous rock star on this list, Jason Everman perhaps experienced more things than most people on the Earth. Everman was able to play guitar in bands such as Nirvana, Soundgarden, and OLD. After his playing day, Everman joined special forces and became and Army ranger and Green Beret. Everman later earned a Bachelor of Arts in philosophy from Columbia University.

Johnny Cash

The Man In Black joined the Air Force in 1950. During his time in the US Air Force Cash earned the rank of sergeant, similar to his future counter part, Elvis Presley. Johnny Cash spent a lot of his time intercepting codes during the start of the Cold War. Cash was later honorably discharged in 1954 and went back to his home in Texas.

Ray Manzarek

The legendary keyboardist enrolled in the Army in 1961. During his brief time in the military, Manzarek played in various music groups and learned to grow and smoke cannabis. Manzarek was discharged after only one year and went back to UCLA where he met Jim Morrison and the rest became history.

Jerry Garcia

The Grateful Dead frontman is another important figure of the counter culture who was in the military. Garcia joined the Army after stealing his mother’s car. Garcia snuck his guitar into basic training. Garcia did not fit into the military lifestyle and was discharged after only nine months.

B.B. King

The legendary blues man served in the Army during World War Two. King was discharged after it was determined his tractor driving skills were too necessary for the war economy. King and the rest of the World would later find out that King’s guitar skills were too good.

John Fogerty

The Creedence Clearwater Revival frontman served in the Army Reserves during the Vietnam War. Fogerty would never be able to see combat though. Fogerty would later produce one of the biggest songs associated with the Vietnam War “Fortunate Son,” along with his band mates. Had Fogerty not been a reserve, we might have never gotten his great work.